Strategic Partnerships​

Strategic Partnerships​​

The Haruv Institute

The Haruv Institute

We take pride in our affiliation with Mehalev of the Haruv Institute (a division of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation), an organization aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect in Israel.
Their “One in Five – Child Maltreatment Prevention Hub” is an accelerator that aims to grow new initiatives and innovative projects offering  “out of the box” solutions in the field of prevention of child abuse and neglect.
As an alumni of this program, Hevlei Kesher receives professional business consultation, mentorship and a grant.

Keren Briah Bor'ot program

A second partnership was realized by our inclusion into the Keren Briah Bor’ot program.  Keren Briah aims to significantly improve women’s health care in Israel in spite of the unique biases in the medical system. Keren Briah’s three-pronged vision for every woman to understand, choose, and manage her health is achieved through their support of projects engaged in: raising awareness, research and advocacy.  Hevlei Kesher was selected to the Bor’ot incubator program that supports and mentors initiatives that will affect women’s health care service and delivery in the Israeli system.