Professional Training ​​

Professional Training ​​

Hevlei Kesher  offers training to all medical professionals who interact with mothers and provides practitioners with tools for non-judgmental, non-confrontational dialogue.

Through Hevlei Kesher’s training, medical professionals will be better able to identify and support women at risk, or suffering from PMHD. More specifically, we offer training to nurses at Tipat Chalav (well-baby clinics)- Israel’s first-line of contact with mothers and their infants.

Professional development programs will also be designed and offered to psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals, family doctors and Ob/Gyns.

We are able to design a customized training course or series which takes into consideration existing knowledge gaps. Our training is delivered by leading researchers. 

Recent training sessions include:

  • Head nurses of Jerusalem Tipat Chalav stations 
  • Private therapists in Jerusalem
Please check back for more information about upcoming training.