Changing the Face of Perinatal Mental Health Disorders in Israel

Support and Treatment for Maternal Mental Health

Hevlei Kesher is dedicated to providing support and services to mothers and their families who are impacted by Perinatal Mental Health Disorders  (PMHD) such as postpartum depression as well as to raise awareness and eradicate the stigma associated with seeking treatment and support. 

Hevlei Kesher

One in seven Israeli mothers suffers from a Perinatal Mental Health Disorder during pregnancy and/or postpartum. A tragedy that took place in Jerusalem in 2016 highlighted the need to support these mothers, propelling the initiative into action to prevent additional victims.

Our Mission

The mission of Hevlei Kesher is to change the paradigm for women suffering from Perinatal Mental Health
Disorders by eliminating the stigma associated with these disorders and promoting effective treatment.

Hevlei Kesher is dedicated to providing access to information and support through
non-judgmental and universally inclusive resources.

The Need

A Knesset report (2017) stated that of the 180,000 births in 2016, an estimated 10-15% of mothers are suffering from PMHD (Israeli Ministry of Health). This number may not reflect the complete picture:  women who are suffering may be identified by a professional, may not seek help because of the 

stigma or can get stuck mid-process in the complicated bureaucratic health care system. Hevlei Kesher’s vision of incorporating its services into the mainstream health care system and the innovative, tailored therapeutic service which it offers, are unique and not shared by any other organization in Israel.

Our Solution

Trailblazing Direct-to-Patient Therapeutic Treatment in the Home​​

The goal of this short-term therapy is to improve the mother’s mental state by increasing the positive interactions and ability to connect with her baby and other family members and preparing her to seek ongoing therapy and/or psychiatric support, as necessary. The methodology  used to treat patients, offering short term dyadic therapy in the mothers’ home by specially trained clinical social workers with expertise in PMHD, is based upon the unique and successful Early Connections program created, managed and documented by Eda Spielman and her staff at the Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Boston.​

Professional Training for Health Practitioners

Training health professionals such as nurses, doctors and therapists on the most efficient and effective approaches to identify, assess, treat and support mothers suffering from Perinatal Mental Health Disorders. The lecturers in our training sessions are leading Israeli researchers and practitioners with vast experience in the field of maternal mental health. 

National Awareness Campaigns

Our aim is  to take these disorders “out of the closet” and combat the ignorance and shame associated with them. By raising public awareness through community education, spokespersons and public events, the public will be aware of the degree of prevalence of PMHD among new mothers and its risk factors, thereby enabling women and their families to seek help and support.

The objective of Hevlei Kesher is universal: to treat all denominations of women in Israel without exception.